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Massages and Signature Treatments
60 minutes $100; Additional 30 minutes $55; Add 15 minutes of Stretching $25

I Knead You Massage (*Most Popular)
Got Stress? Relieve the chaos of a busy day with a classic Swedish massage that induces relaxation by easing muscle tension and gently flushing your body of stress. Release the weight of the world and bring balance to your life with this tranquil massage.  This massage is great for newcomers to the world of massage.

Release Me Massage (*Most Popular)
Got knots? An intense treatment mainly for those who enjoy deeper work!  It is designed to relieve extremely tight muscles that ordinary massage cannot. Therapists will use elbows and forearm techniques applying deep and slow pressure along the muscles and tendons than is possible with fingers alone. This massage is great for chronic lower back pain, Sciatica, Blackberry Thumb and many other physical injuries and trauma.  This treatment can deliver results in 1 session!  90 minutes or a series package is highly recommended for best results.

Mama Bella Massage ( A favorite!)
Enjoyed before, during and after delivery, this comforting massage reduces the stress and discomfort a mother experiences throughout her pregnancy and thereafter.  If you are pregnant or know someone who is, or recently gave birth, this treatment is a must.  Add a Baby Bella Massage to your postnatal treatment for an additional $10.

Luna Cycle Massage (Featured in DaySpa Magazine, July 2008)
Highly concentrated essential oils are used to specifically help a woman through the symptoms from her moon cycle or change of life.  With this empowering yet serene treatment you may be alleviated from low back pain, irritability, water retention and overall mood.  An additional $15 cost is applied to this treatment.

Traditional Hot Stone Massage (Popular)
This unique treatment combines Swedish massage with the use of hot oiled stones.  The body is gently massaged with stones allowing the heat to penetrate deep into muscles for a therapeutic effect and deep relaxation. An additional $10 cost is applied to this treatment.

Pure Scents Massage
Aromatherapy is derived from the ancient practice of using natural plant essences to promote health.  This tailor made treatment serves to restore both physical and emotional well-being with the use of essential oils in order to relieve the discomforts of many ailments.  An additional cost of $10 is applied to this massage. 

Footloose Treatment
Far more than a foot massage, this tempting reflexology treatment focuses entirely on the soles of your feet.  Based on the principle that the feet are the mini-maps of the body, this great treatment essentially starts healing the entire body and encourages a deep state of relaxation.

Clear Your Mind Treatment
A customized neck, scalp and sinus treatment designed to relieve the pain and tension of headaches, sinusitis and migraines. Release your mind and set your body free with this tranquil treatment.

Perfect Harmony Treatment
This Shiastu treatment incorporates stretches and targets key "points" of the body, enhancing circulation and range of motion from an Eastern viewpoint.  This fully clothed treatment is basically acupuncture without any needles (acupressure) and is very centering and invigorating.

Chakra Balancing with Hot Stones Treatment
You are massaged with a specially formulated blend of essential oils while using hot stones.  To calm and soothe the mind and spirit, additionally, the stones are placed on the major chakras for balance and grounding.  An additional $20 cost is applied to this treatment.

Back to Brilliance Treatment
Trauma, inflammation or poor posture over time creates glitches causing pain and dysfunction.  This medical massage focuses on the fascia which is a tough connective tissue that envelops and spreads throughout your body in a three dimensional web without interruption.  Speed up your recovery from trauma, post surgical procedures. Feel good as new again with this reviving massage.  By a series of 5 or more for optimal results.

True Warrior Massage
Whether you are an iron man or weekend warrior, it is crucial that sports massage be apart of your training regimen to enhance your performance.  Specific areas of the body are targeted during a session according to your sport, allowing your body to obtain optimal blood flow for muscle recovery.