Truly Kneaded Home Spa
Body Treatments
Restore your health and well-being with these three hour full body treatments that will nourish, refresh and balance your skin, circulation, nervous and digestive systems to name a few.

Mud Moor Full Body Wrap  $360
This extraordinary mud that formed more than 30,000 years ago will hydrate, exfoliate and detoxify, leaving skin with healthy glow. This warm wrap includes a relaxing 90 minute massage, mini facial and foot treatment. 

Royal Honey Bee Wrap $350
A rose honey mask with premium ingredients of raw organic honey enriched with the world's finest medicinal Bulgarian rose and fresh royal jelly is a special tonic for the skin. This yummy treatment includes a facial mask, pampering 90 minute massage with rose gold milk to hydrate your skin.

Cool Breeze Body Wrap $325
A wrap created for those who don't really like a traditional wrap.  Get drenched in a cooling aloe gel non-wrap after a gentle dry brushing with a natural bristle brush.  This treatment includes a 90 minute massage, cool moonstone facial, foot and head massages.  

Good things come in spa packages!

Holistic Healing Since 1999

Pure Indulgences
In the sanctuary of your own dwelling, let the alluring aromas and therapeutic touch in these packages saturate your senses.  All of the pure indulgences packages includes a gift so that you may continue the bliss while we are not there. Pamper Yourself Now! You Owe it to Yourself! 

Sleeping Beauty (3 hours) $340
Drift off to La La Land and truly enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with a 90 minute I Knead You massage with a Purify Me pleasure followed by a Clear Your Mind treatment.

Truly Pamper Me (3 Hours) $340
Enjoy the ultimate spa experience with a Lovely Lavender Body Polish followed by an On Cloud Nine pleasure that includes a 90 minute Pure Scents massage with a Sole Escape pleasure.

Full Body Bliss (3 hours)  $350
Ahhhhhhhh is the definition of this exquisite treatment! A Brown Sugar Scrub, 90 minute Back to Brilliance massage with Pampered Hands and Purify Me pleasures describes a divine experience not to be missed.

One Hot Mama (2.5 hours)  $355
You Go Girl and rejoice in your role as a fabulous mom with a 60 minute Mama Bella massage with an Eye Look Better and Pampered Hands pleasures that include a fabulous Footloose treatment. 

Royally Kneaded (2.5 hours)  $475
Be treated like the King or Queen you are!!  First you and yours will be respectfully scrubbed with Heavenly Body Glow then regally massaged for 60 minute then properly pampered with a Footloose treatment just to finally luxuriate in an enchanting cup of tea with your partner.  

Double the Pleasure (2.5 hours) $450
Let us cater to you! Let your mind drift into a state of pure ecstasy and decadence while 2 therapists pamper your legs, feet, hands, head, face, neck and shoulders all at the same time.  This dream combination includes a Footloose and Pampered Hands treatments along with a Purify Me facial. 

The Star Treatment (1.5 hours)  $170
Like the 5 points of a star, the head, hands and feet are areas of intense energy. The 1.5 hour session begins with your feet and hands being scrubbed, moisturized and massaged. We complete the treatment with focus on your head by giving a tantalizing scalp/neck massage, mini-Shirodhara and facial massage.  When the star is complete, one feels deeply relaxed yet revitalized and radiantly shining.